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The payment solutions industry is shifting from traditional providers such as banks, financial institutions, etc., to fintech companies and Merchant Service Providers.
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However, the biggest barrier in this industry is the resources needed to build and design payment infrastructure, along with the time required to complete the solution according to regulations, which typically takes an average of 2 to 3 years.
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Banking Industry
Owning the advantage of approaching customers with the outstanding advantages of the ATOM solution suite
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Linking with multiple banks to optimize costs and minimize risks during operation and connection.
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A comprehensive solution for both online and offline payment methods.
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A complete management toolkit that manages all parties involved in the payment process, from the Merchant Service Provider to the end-user.
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The POS equipments meet the EMV standards of all 3 levels for various card types such as Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Napas, etc.
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ATOMPOS system for Merchants - The main customers of Merchant Service Provider
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The system has a T+0 notification function.
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EKYC opens payment accounts for Merchants directly on SmartPOS.
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The system manages transaction limits and alerts based on the current rules of the bank to minimize risks.
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The E-wallet card helps Merchants demonstrate their financial status, making it easier for them to access other bank products.
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In addition to providing comprehensive solutions for Merchant Service Providers, ATOM also focuses on developing additional services and products to serve the diverse needs of customers.
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ATOM Solution provides the most comprehensive and optimal solution by understanding the needs of partners and customers