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ATOM Solution has been registered to operate with the full name of ATOM Solutions Joint Stock Company, in the main industry of Financial Technology (Fintech).

ATOM was born with the goal of providing a multi-platform payment infrastructure in fields such as: Payment intermediaries, financial institutions, POS payment service distribution companies, and organizations providing online payment gateway,...


ATOM Solution attempts to consistently meet the expectations of our customers and worldwide users by providing high quality, timely, cost-effective, value-added solutions, and products. Most importantly, customer satisfaction will always be the focus of all product development strategies and orientations of ATOM Solution.


Cashless payment is getting more and more popular all over the world. However, there are still barriers in terms of legal and human resources, which makes the implementation consulting as well as building infrastructure for a payment system pose a formidable challenge to businesses in the era of transformation from traditional cash payment to cashless payment.Our credo is to keep moving no matter what difficulties are ahead. ATOM Solution always strives to achieve the reputation of a top quality, high standard & reliable fintech solution provider company in local and foreign markets.


In the future, our market research department will work hard to be able to produce reports that will help measure the competition and help keep the company abreast of new trends of customers and the market. This creates a premise for ATOM Solution to have the strength in providing suitable solutions for customers wishing to deploy new payment methods, supporting the diversification of payment channels, promoting the development of new payment methods development of the company and promoting the trend of non-cash payment.Alongside having an IT and R&D team with more than 10 years of expertise in the banking and finance sector, designing systems with a big number of users, ATOM intends to become one of the top financial technology companies in Vietnam in the near future.




Payment Application on POS

PAYDI Member is a payment application that runs on a POS card payment terminal. This application is built to act as a bridge to receive and transfer payment data to a payment gateway/ banking application.

At the same time, PAYDI Member is also integrated with various payment utilities such as installment payment, buy now pay later, pre-auth, QR code,...

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