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Providing a comprehensive payment platform for customers. ATOM MDM making it easy for the interaction between the POS equipment and the Merchant/ Merchant Service Provider, ATOM Gateway can help connection between ATOMPOS and the banking system.
ATOM Gateway is built on a model that links with multiple banks, ATOM TMS to manage and track transactions as well as Merchant information, information related to individual settings for each Merchant,...
VAM - Virtual Account Management
The VAM system provides APIs, management tools and comprehensive reports to serve the management of Virtual Account and transactions through Virtual Account for relevant parties.
Ecommerce Payment
ATOM is operating 5 payment methods including: Cash, VietQR, Digital Wallet, Cross-line POS, Cross-line Card service.
Wallet and BNPL
ATOM Processor can accept all kind of E-wallet (link Momo, VNpay...), loyalty wallet (like Urbox, Got it ...) and BNPL
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