ATOM-POS | Comprehensive “All-in-One” payment solution to optimize business performance for businesses

ATOM Solution provides SmartPOS devices with high quality and features that bring outstanding advantages in payment solutions and business management.

In today’s technology era, it is not difficult to see the image of customers paying bills through POS machines from shopping malls to small convenience stores. It can be said that the development of advanced technology has created a new step to turn POS devices into useful tools in increasing revenue and competitive advantage for businesses.

Grasping the needs of users to experience convenience in cashless payment, ATOM Solution has researched, developed and launched ATOM-POS devices using Android operating system. with superior quality is a useful tool in helping businesses optimize the payment process, increase revenue and competitive advantage.

Payment solutions and business management are conveniently integrated on ATOM SmartPOS devices.

ATOM–POS is an “All-in-one” solution that integrates all the basic features: payment, sales management, placing orders, placing orders, connecting to the system of the payment acceptor, Invoice printing… Especially, ATOM-POS develops many advanced features to help businesses increase revenue, attract customers, increase competitive advantages such as support to convert 0% interest installment installments and provide a system data management system for enterprises.

In addition to accepting payments for all types of cards (magnetic cards, chip cards or contactless cards – contactless payment technology), ATOM-POS is also integrated with a QR payment function, allowing customers to Scan payment codes with most popular banking applications or e-wallets on the market, making payment quick, convenient and safe.

Compared with traditional POS machines, SmartPOS provided by ATOM Solution possesses a breakthrough in technology and superiority in features. The device is equipped with Android operating system, owns a large multi-touch screen, capable of connecting to bluetooth, wifi, 4G, NFC, GPS global positioning and the rear camera can recognize common barcodes. information, etc. to make the process simpler and easier to use. With SmartPOS, businesses now not only use it for card payments, but also use it to exploit and optimize sales, operation and payment management.

ATOM Solution focuses on providing solutions to partners who need to deploy a modern payment method, thereby helping to diversify payment channels, promote business development for businesses, and open up opportunities. new in business, promoting the trend of cashless payment in the Vietnamese market.

To become a partner of ATOM Solution and use ATOM-POS, please contact:
Hotline: 1900 3353

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