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1. The privacy rights of the User

The Privacy Policy aims to describe the privacy rights of Users (also referred to as “You”) regarding ATOM's collection, processing, use, storage, sharing, and protection of Your Personal Information.
Personal Information is understood as User Information and all other information related to the User, collected, recorded, processed, used, stored, and shared by ATOM during the process Users access and use the ATOM Service. The term “Personal Information” used in this policy is used to refer to both individual and organizational users.
Privacy Policy applies to ATOM's websites and all facilities, tools, applications, and Services related to the provision of ATOM Services, regardless of the method you use to access or use them.
By default, You agree and accept the Privacy Policy when you register to access or use the ATOM Service. This is the Policy that governs the use of the ATOM Service by the User unless otherwise specified.
ATOM can adjust the Privacy Policy at any time by publishing the amended Policy on the ATOM website. The revised version takes effect once it is uploaded.

2. Information Collection

To serve the provision of ATOM Services, analyze information for security and system safety purposes, establish information authentication, customer care, and improve the Services, ATOM is entitled to collect various types of Personal Information from the following sources:
2.1 Automatically collected information
When you use the ATOM Service, ATOM collects information sent to ATOM from your computer, phone, or other devices you use to access it. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following content: data about the pages you visit, your computer's IP address, device identification ID, device type, computer and network device information, statistical data displayed on the visited page, and other basic data.
When you access and use the ATOM Service, we (or monitoring tools or statistical tools provided by partners) will set a number of databases commonly known as Cookies (through user tracking programs or other similar browser applications: flash cookies, pixel tags, ...) on your computer or other devices. One of these cookies may exist for a long time to conveniently assist you in the usage process, for example, saving your email on the login page so that you don't have to re-enter it, etc…
ATOM uses the aforementioned technologies to identify you as a User of ATOM; to serve the corresponding Services, content, and advertisements for different User profiles; measure the marketing and advertising effectiveness; support ensuring the security and account protection; limit risks and prevent fraud; enhance reliability and safety in the connection between you and ATOM.
You have the right to refuse these Cookies if your browsers have the function to reject them, except when ATOM uses the Cookies to prevent fraud and ensure the security of connected websites. However, refusing these Cookies may hinder your use of ATOM's website and services.
2.2. Information provided by you
ATOM collects and stores any information provided by you when using the ATOM Service, including information provided on the registration form and updated during the use of the service (User Information); information about your transactions and activities; financial information such as bank accounts and/or credit card numbers that you use or link to the Service. ATOM also collects information from or about you through various sources, such as through communications between you and ATOM (including ATOM's Customer Support team, interactions with ATOM staff, and even through other accounts that ATOM has sufficient basis to assert are related to you); information you provide in response to surveys, information in the course of your participation in exchanges, discussions, dispute resolution, or other relevant information provided by you regarding the use of the ATOM Service.
Additionally, to perform and ensure the quality, guidance of the Service, ATOM may monitor or record conversations with you or anyone purporting to be you. When communicating, connecting with ATOM, you should be aware that those communication, connection processes may be monitored, recorded without further notice or warning other than the provisions in this Policy. You can change User Information at any time using the corresponding function. However, ATOM will retain the changed information to prevent any attempts to delete fraudulent traces.
2.3. Information from other sources
You may provide information by accessing personally stored information from third parties, such as information authentication service providers, goods/service providers, electronic information websites, social networks (e.g., Facebook). From there, ATOM may receive controlled information from these third parties, and you agree that ATOM may collect, store, and use this information based on the Privacy Policy.
2.4. Through authentication and fraud detection
To assist in protecting you from fraudulent activities and misuse of your information, ATOM may collect information about you and your interactions with the ATOM Service. ATOM can evaluate computers, phones, and other devices that you use to access and identify any software or activities that may be invasive.
2.5. By using mobile devices.
ATOM may suggest that you use mobile devices or optimized applications and websites. The regulations of this Policy apply to accessing and using these devices, applications, and websites.When you download and use the applications or access the mentioned websites of ATOM, ATOM may receive information about your location and device. ATOM may use and rely on this information to provide services to you (such as advertising content, search results, or other content). Most mobile devices have the option to enable or disable location services, or you can contact your provider if necessary, to control the information shared with third parties.With the connected websites, however, rejecting these Cookies can hinder your use of ATOM's website and ATOM Services.

3. Use of Information

ATOM uses your information to:
  • Provide ATOM Services and customer support.
  • Process transactions; send notifications about your transactions.
  • Authenticate User Information.
  • Resolve issues, disputes; collect fees.
  • Manage risk; investigate, prevent, or remedy fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Review, prevent, or address User violations of ATOM's policies, regulations, or agreements.
  • Improve the Service through Your usage experience.
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of ATOM's Service; improve the content and design of the Service.
  • Manage and protect ATOM's information technology infrastructure.
  • Provide targeted advertising, marketing, and service update notifications based on Your preferences and interests.
  • Verify payment capabilities, cross-check the accuracy of information, and authenticate information with third parties.

4. Marketing

ATOM does not sell or rent to third parties for marketing purposes without Your explicit consent.
ATOM may combine Your information with information collected from various collaborative sources to advertise and improve ATOM's Service. If You do not wish to receive advertising information from ATOM or participate in any customer advertising programs, You can follow the instructions provided by ATOM to opt out of receiving and participating in such information.

5. Protecting and storing information

The passage describes how ATOM protects and stores personal information. ATOM uses the term “Personal Information” to describe information related to specific users and used to identify them. ATOM does not consider or acknowledge any other anonymous information without user identification.
ATOM stores and secures Personal Information on its server system, which is safeguarded by a firewall system. It also establishes and protects information exchange connections, transactions, and uses SSL technology. All user information transmitted or stored on the network is encrypted and applies secure transmission mechanisms and electronic signatures.
To protect Personal Information and minimize risks of loss, alteration, disclosure, misuse, or unauthorized access, ATOM utilizes the most advanced hardware technologies from world-renowned providers such as IBM, HP, Cisco, EMC, etc., to build an internationally standardized infrastructure capable of meeting the highest demands of ATOM services. The ATOM system undergoes annual evaluations and upgrades as necessary.
Currently, ATOM operates in multiple Data Centers simultaneously to support and prevent potential system failures. In addition, all direct interactions with servers and machinery located at the Data Centers comply strictly with regulations and procedures for safety, security, and confidentiality, such as ISO 27001:2013, PCI-DSS. These activities also meet the requirements for information technology safety and security set by the State Bank and other international standards for security and safety.

6. Share Personal Information with Other Users

When processing transactions, ATOM may provide necessary information of the User to the participating parties, such as the User's name, account ID, contact details, delivery address, transaction value, or other necessary information to authenticate the information, enhance the reliability and security of the transaction. The recipient of the information is not allowed to use the received information for purposes unrelated to the transaction, unless there is consent from the information provider. Any threatening exchanges or communication between parties are considered a violation of this Policy and User Agreement.
In the case where someone pays for You and enters Your email address or phone number, ATOM will provide that person with Your registered name so they can verify the payment to the correct account.
ATOM allows third parties, including Sellers, the right to accept Your payment or send payment requests to You through the use of ATOM Services. To exercise this right, the third party may share Your information with us (such as Your email address or phone number), so that ATOM can notify You of the payment request or inform You when You have made a payment to the Seller/third party. ATOM uses this information to confirm You as the User and allowed to use ATOM Services or to send You notifications regarding the transaction status. Additionally, ATOM will also use this information to confirm with the third party about Your User status upon Your request.
Please note that Sellers or Users, other third parties with whom you transact or collaborate, will have their own privacy policies determined by these parties, and ATOM is not responsible for these actions, including the actual protection of information that these parties claim to implement, although the User Agreement does not allow participating parties to use each other's information for any purpose other than conducting ATOM Services. Additionally, unless accessing official ATOM website addresses and applications, you should protect and not provide third parties with personal information such as credit card numbers, ATOM e-wallet login passwords, and bank account information.
Unless agreed upon by you or as required by payment card regulations, the request of relevant authorities, or other legal provisions, ATOM will not disclose your credit card numbers or bank account information to the party conducting transactions with you through ATOM Services.

7. Share Personal Information with Third Parties

ATOM may share Your Personal Information in the following cases:
  1. Sharing with shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliate partners, and ATOM's agent network to provide products, services, and content within the scope of their affiliation with ATOM, support the detection and prevention of violations or illegal activities against ATOM's regulations and policies, and make relevant decisions. The third parties mentioned here only use Personal Information to send you marketing information when you request to use the services of these entities.
  2. Providing and sharing information with courts, authorized agencies as required by law, or appropriate requests from other third parties regarding ATOM or its affiliates/members when ATOM needs to share information according to legal regulations or relevant provisions related to intermediary payment activities, card payment activities, or when ATOM determines that it is necessary to disclose Personal Information to prevent material damage or financial loss, report/signal suspicious behavior, or investigate violations of the User Agreement.
  3. Other third parties may:
    • Help prevent fraud and manage risks. For example, if you use the ATOM Service through websites or entities affiliated with ATOM to purchase/receive or sell/supply goods/services, ATOM may share electronic wallet information to help protect your electronic wallet from fraudulent activities and alert you if ATOM detects any fraudulent activities. ATOM may also assess financial risks.
    • In an effort to prevent fraud and manage risks, ATOM may share necessary information with the aforementioned websites and affiliated entities in cases where ATOM is implementing certain restrictions on the provision of goods/services. ATOM may share electronic wallet information to help protect your electronic wallet in cases of disputes, complaints, refunds, or other related incidents. Additionally, ATOM may share information with the aforementioned websites and affiliated entities for them to use in buyer or seller evaluation programs.
    • Provide customer support, including assisting with the use of your ATOM Service and resolving disputes.
    • Assist with shipping related to the use of the ATOM Service.
    • Assist third parties in complying with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations, as well as other legal regulations.
    • Coordinate with suppliers to support the supply of the ATOM Service.
    • Other third parties with your consent.
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