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The payment infrastructure of ATOM is built based on comprehensive, cost-effective, and optimized criteria.
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ATOM offers the following platforms
InfrastructureDescriptionPOS ManagementMerchant ManagementTransaction Management
ATOM MDMThe system installs parameters, pushes notifications, remotely installs applications, making it easy for the interaction between the POS equipment and the Merchant/ Merchant Service Provider.icon vector
ATOM GatewayThe connection between ATOMPOS and the banking system. ATOM Gateway is built on a model that links with multiple banks.icon vectoricon vector
ATOMPOSThe intermediary station connecting Payment App and the payment gateway, connecting to multiple banks.icon vector
ATOM Payment AppThe application connects the outside system and ATOM, making it easy to connect the POS equipment with third-party systems.icon vector
ATOM TMSThe system manages and tracks transactions, as well as Merchant information, related information and parameters set up for each Merchant.icon vectoricon vectoricon vector
ATOM Merchant PortalThe system manages and tracks the transaction history of Merchants on the POS equipment and other payment channels provided by ATOM.icon vector
ATOM Routing Service The transaction navigation system on the POS system.icon vectoricon vector
ATOM Alert SystemThe risk alert system, identifying transactions that may violate the transaction rules of the bank or ATOM.icon vector
ATOM HUBThe system performs online transaction payments, integrating QR code services, installment payments, buy-now-pay-later options, etc.icon vector
ATOM E-invoice SystemSupport Merchants to issue VAT invoices in the form of electronic invoices.icon vector
ATOM E-wallet SystemConnect to the wallet account provided by the bank.icon vector
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