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Accept a variety of popular payment methods for enhanced convenience and optimal user experience.

Card payment
Card payment

Fulfill orders with customers wherever they are, including:

International card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, UnionPay cards accepted).

Domestic card: Accepting domestic payment cards issued by more than 40 banks in the country.

Better Benefits for Greater Business

High-level security

With the help of the service, which is PCI-certified, has an integrated payment solution, and offers high-level security/secure checkout for websites, merchants can focus on their main businesses.

All fraud and compliance investigations are handled by ATOM. Considering that we are authorities in data security and fraud prevention, we will regularly update the security measures.

Brand identity promotion

ATOM allocated a significant financial investment to create responsive, optimized payment page designs that improve conversions and enable customers to complete their transactions.

All pages are optimized to propose the best solutions. The technology enables merchants to establish their brand identity by building their own payment page with the business logo, enabling them to deliver a spectacular experience even when customers are not aware they have been directed to a third-party website.


Every businesses must integrate every payment option, currency, and language when developing an online payment page. Payment options are incorporated on the ATOM checkout page. Besides, we have numerous integrated languages and currencies to narrow the barrier between countries and their custom.

Liability Reduction

ATOM has put resources into securing the payment page. Using our checkout payment page reduces the risks of hacking for the merchants. The merchants are still responsible for upholding basic security measures to keep their customers’ data in the safest way possible.

Higher Conversion Rates

The multiple payment methods lead to a higher rate of payment completion. Thus, it shows the result of business’s higher revenues. The customers can finalize their purchases quickly and become regular customers. It helps us to receive more referrals and recommendations from current customers.

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