Retail stores and chains can easily manage order and customer information thanks to digital payment and input/ output management solutions.
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Effective Retail Industry Management
Financial report
Manage sales revenue from all transaction channels, helping stores easily track customer behavior. Provide Merchants with sales management systems, accounting, and other services that adhere to Vietnamese accounting standards.
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Goods management, inventory control system
Track inventory levels for each item, facilitating inventory management. Goods are arranged by category, managed with their own code, etc.
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Accept various payment methods and ensure security
Quick payment by online payment gateway or numerous payment methods such as card payment, QR code, E-wallet, and so on; all transactions are securely secured.
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An integrated solution with your existing systems
Integrate ATOM with your business software to synchronize data flow and minimize manual work. Open APIs allow you to develop custom solutions.
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Print receipts and send electronic invoices for every payment transaction.
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Setting up promotional vouchers
ATOM Solution is oriented to build an ecosystem of loyal customers used to exchange E-vouchers on the system of Merchants using ATOMPOS.
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ATOM Solution provides the most comprehensive and optimal solution by understanding the needs of partners and customers