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By applying non-cash payment methods and automated sales management, hospitality businesses such as hotels can save resources and enhance the customer experience.
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Effective Hospitality Industry Management
Process payments everywhere
Process payments anywhere your customers want with a variety of payment methods tailored to your industry's specific needs, including pre-authorization, MOTO, etc.
Customers can make remote payments by providing their card information to book hotel rooms with MOTO transactions.
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Safe - Fast - Simple
Accept chip cards, contactless cards (NFC), and scan QR codes with this chip and contactless card reader. Wireless connectivity, accept credit cards, debit cards, and receive money in your bank account quickly and securely.
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Easy booking management
Efficiently manage your front desk with various integrated features such as recording room reservation requests with complete information, simple and intuitive dashboards to keep track of guest bookings.
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Create and send electronic invoices that have been paid at any time, while supporting direct payment at the counter or on the go.
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Transaction management
View, manage revenue and statistics of transaction reports from online to offline payment methods on the Merchant Portal.
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PR online
An enterprise management system integrated with features to create Website, Blog, Marketing tools, etc., supporting communication activities for businesses.
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