Flexible payment methods such as buy now, pay later, cash, credit card, installment payments, etc., help customers access products quickly and easily.
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Effective Beauty Industry Management
Diverse payment methods
Easily meet your customers' payment requirements with a variety of payment methods (installment payment, buy now pay later, card payment) available on both POS equipments and online platforms.
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Built-in Expansion
ATOMPOS is integrated with the ATOM Payment App, which is used to synchronize payment and order management by connecting with other software.
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The POS hardware is designed modernly and the software interface is user-friendly with high aesthetic qualities, suitable for the beauty industry.
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Setting up promotional vouchers
ATOM Solution is oriented to build an ecosystem of loyal customers used to exchange E-vouchers on the system of Merchants using ATOMPOS.
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24/7 Support
A team of experienced professionals with 24/7 information channels will always be ready to support customers whenever problems occur during operation.
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Apart from payment-related goods, the ATOM system also offers software for managing human resources, order systems, etc., assisting Merchants in systematizing their management operations.
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ATOM Solution provides the most comprehensive and optimal solution by understanding the needs of partners and customers