The application of modern payment methods, along with the integration of delivery services, order tracking, and other digital solutions into payment devices, helps improve the quality of restaurants and dining chains.
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Effective F&B Industry Management
Order management - Cashier
Easy ordering option and expert assistance for placing orders by phone or tablet, allowing you to manage and respond to client demands fast.
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Sales report
See every report on sales and profits for the company at any time, anywhere, directly on the POS device, phone, computer, laptop, etc.
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Integration with third-party
ATOM integrates payment with pre-built plugins into popular platforms to save operating time for Merchants.
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Customer Services
The security management system helps Merchants easily manage customer information, from which to propose suitable promotions or customer care services for each target group.
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Secure payment
ATOM's payment solutions comply with leading international security standards.
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Managing data based on an object-oriented approach helps Merchants easily search for information as needed, and build suitable reports for each object.
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ATOM Solution provides the most comprehensive and optimal solution by understanding the needs of partners and customers