PAYDI has officially deployed ATOM-POS solution

PAYDI has officially deployed the ATOM-POS solution, helping to optimize system management and increase revenue growth. 

PAYDI is a partner with more than 20 years of experience developing and managing 20,000+ merchants accepting card and QR payments via POS devices for banks and international card organizations.

All orders of this POS device include an ATOM-POS solution with Level 1 and Level 2 EMV technology, as well as Secure Android technology, allowing PAYDI clients to pay using any payment method such as magnetic card, chip card, contactless. Furthermore, by including the QR payment feature, ATOM-POS enables consumers to scan the payment code with the most popular banking programs or e-wallets on the market, making payments quick and convenient.

When compared to standard POS machines, ATOM Solution’s SmartPOS has a technological breakthrough and improved functionality. This device runs the Android operating system and has a big multi-touch screen. It can connect to bluetooth, wifi, 4G, NFC, GPS global location, and the back camera can scan popular barcodes. It makes the process of usage simpler and easier.

ATOM-POS, in particular, creates numerous innovative features to assist businesses in effectively growing their sales, attracting consumers, and increasing their competitive edge, as well as supporting 0% installment conversion and providing an enterprise data management system.

To become a partner of ATOM Solution and use ATOM-POS, please contact:
Hotline: 1900 3353
Email: [email protected]

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